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We're Mountainkind logo
We're Mountainkind logo

Mountainkind (adjective)

Mountainkind is more than just a term; it's our cultural ethos rooted in caring, kindness, and an enduring fascination with mountains.

It embodies a profound love of travel and an enduring appreciation for our mountain landscapes. It's where Vantage Hotels is a cherished second homes for all travelers - guests and team members alike who embrace the allure of mountain destinations.

“Our ethos, is what we call 'Mountain Kind'. It's about spreading warmth, respect, and care to everyone who walks through our doors, whether you're a guest or part of our team. Our goal is to make your time with us as special and awe-inspiring as the mountains themselves.”

Chad Gulevich
Owner of Vantage Hotels

Mountainkind means that accommodation should be the last thing you should worry about when travelling and exploring the world's wonders.

Our hotels in Lake Louise, Jasper, and Valemount, BC, are designed to make your stay worry-free, comfy and approachable. A place where memories are made and names are remembered.

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Joining our hotel company, which embraces the Mountainkind ethos, means embarking on a thrilling adventure alongside fellow mountain lovers, travelers, and explorers.

Here, our staff's passion for the mountains isn't just acknowledged—it's celebrated. We understand that our team members are adventurers at heart, and our culture of caring and kindness extends beyond our guests to each other.

Together, we foster an environment where we look out for one another, ensuring that every member feels supported and inspired to contribute to creating memorable experiences for our guests.

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Comfort surrounded by adventure, approachable pricing and down-to-earth, caring customer service create a unique mountain experience.

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